The Huge Impact of Health Care Reform Might Have on Drug Pricing


Healthcare reform has been a hotly debated topic in the United States for decades, and it is finally one that the country may be close to resolving. 

One of the main arguments against implementing a universal system is that it will result in higher premiums and taxes which will cause many people to leave the workforce and many businesses to become insolvent. 

This article explains how some people are stating that reform might not adversely affect the cost of drug pricing. One idea is to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices or offer subsidies for seniors on what they purchase in order to keep them from having to pay more than 20% of their income on drugs. 

Another suggestion is for there to be an importation of drugs from Canada which would allow the people in need to get lower-priced medications. 

Lastly, if changes cannot be made in order to reduce the high costs of prescription drug prices then the government will have no choice but to pay for them itself through Medicare.

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